Rev. Lisa Courtwright

Pastor Lisa began serving Plymouth Community United Methodist Church on July 1, 2018. She is a 2020 graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity. Pastor Lisa grew up in Perry, Lake County, Ohio. After receiving her Bachelor of Music Education from The University of Akron in 1990, she taught piano lessons and worked in computer programming. She spent 13 years traveling, performing, and spreading the gospel with the Circle of Friends Quartet.

Pastor Lisa’s desire is to help people to understand that each one of them is a beloved child of God, precious to God regardless of who they are or what they have done. She believes that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, who came to show us all how to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God and, through his death and resurrection, to give us hope for an eternity with God. Her personal mission is to live a life authentic to who God intended her to be, to be open to transformation by the Holy Spirit, and to be committed to serving others for Christ while living out the command given by Jesus to go out and spread God’s love and the message of the kingdom to as many people as we can reach.

Pastor Lisa has two daughters and enjoys spending time with her family. When she isn’t busy with church and family, she enjoys music (attending concerts, playing piano, or singing), reading, and scrapbooking.